Desert Glimpses

This is Hadiya’s turn. Though her forte is her writing skills, here she expresses another one of her talents – photography.

Take a look at these shots her camera captured and guess what life in this desert is like.

Hope you enjoyed those pictures. Do let us know your feedback.


Little Wishes

This time we will go for a poem by Runaisa. She likes to express herself through thoughtful verses. Even routine class discussions and activities get reflected in her poems. Hope you enjoy this one.

Sitting in the crowded classroom
Near my silent friends,
I feel the world so big
Without anyone to talk to me.

People come and go
Without telling me a word.
I wish God created someone
For me to talk!

I gaze up the ceiling
Of the world of studies,
Hoping they would know me.
Minutes pass like hours,
And seconds, like minutes
Sadly smiling at me.

Now I feel God understands
What I said –
All I need from you is
Just a smile!


Art by Asna

This  inaugural post is by one of the budding artists of the class, Aysha Asna B.V. who is very passionate about drawing, painting and crafts. She has conducted art exhibitions in the school and has participated in several drawing competitions. The illustrations in her literature notebook are apt proofs to her artistic skills.

Here we feature two of her works using crayons.