Good Riddance, Facebook


8 thoughts on “Good Riddance, Facebook

  1. Actually.. I don’t know much about it since I’m not there on FB. Well, I know that it really ‘sucks’ most of our time (I came to know that from my friends.). So I had postponed the date of creating one, many a time.
    Enjoyed reading it.. 🙂

  2. OMG! How true….Especially that first para! It absolutely describes my feelings too…I’ve always felt that Fb is all about positive things and conceals the negative sides …
    My brothers often call me a Facebook maniac..Still I’m there.. 😦 I hope I will bid adieu to that time-sucker one day…. 😐

    • I shared the post for all the FB maniacs like you, (and me). 🙂
      We all know it’s just a fake world, still we can’t shake it off.
      I feel people will soon get fed up, because how long could we bear with lies and hypocrisy?

  3. Thank god i’m NOT on fb!! i never used it and never will I after reading dis!! I’m feeling LUCKY now NOT being on fb!!!

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