The Spring in Their Hearts

It’s Linshidas turn. Know more about her through her own words:

Experiences have taught me many lessons. And it is the power of experiences that makes my pen move.
Childishness is a quality I haven’t yet lost and I am greatly interested to play with kids. I love someone praising me because it is the only way for me to feel taller 😉
Also I love humour and so, Charlie Chaplin is my hero – 
As a Little God,
I knew their hearts.
Words tied them closer.
Their words, feelings and
what their hearts meant….
I knew them all.
He loved her and
She loved him.
But I wonder why 
they weren’t opening 
the doors of their 
hearts for each other!
They might have been afraid, so
One didn’t want to lose
the other with the shocking, 
tragic surprise!
So, hiding all the uncontrollable Love, 
They remained mere FRIENDS.
My Love Birds
chatted and chatted 
day in, day out,
No food, no studies
No wonder
their grades came down
like the World Trade Center.
Waiting for her was his drug,
dreaming about him was her hobby.
For me, they became 
the Friends in Love!
Days passed
Seconds ran fast,
Minutes walked, and,
Hours crawled behind them.
Both of them sacrificed much
to have a peaceful future.
At last my little girl
knocked at the door of his heart…
And found that it was 
automatically opening for her!
She entered and the doors closed..{forever 😉 }
He was well ready and fully prepared
to welcome her.
She happily enjoyed floating
in the river of his love.
Fights, misunderstandings, joy,
sharing hearts, secrets
(and of course) a bit of romance
Love is both sweet and bitter!
I know they shall be 
thankful to me,
as I’m the one who
*made them meet each other,
*made them closer
*made them fall in love
And… in future…
Shall make them a loving man and wife!! 😉
тнє ρєσρℓє ωнσ ℓαυgн тнє мσѕт, нανє єχρєяιєη¢є∂ тнє мσѕт ραιη..
.♥. ┼┴•• L¡ñ§h¡då Shîrìñ ••┼┴♥.

Just a Girl

I don’t think any preface is required for this piece of poetry. Deeply moved by the Delhi incident, Runaisa has expressed her feelings thus…

She is a girl,
whom you call the weakest.
You torture, abuse and disrespect her
Still she rarely complains.
She is the one who cries to God
For leaving her in your hands.

You are none other than
The unsympathetic, cruel brutal society.
You never think that she herself
Is your daughter, sister, wife, and mother!

I call you the most cursed society that ever existed
Because we have never seen
Such savagery and malice.

Let a new generation come up
where the paths of women
are paved with rose petals
and let not a single man
lustfully stare at her.

The world has not ended
So I am going to fight back
Because I am one among them
whom you call

That’s me…

P1180138Shibila Nargees says, “Silver is my favourite colour, and ice-cream, my favourite food. To me there is nothing more gratifying than dancing and listening to songs. I believe in myself and aspire to be a doctor one day.

Here is a poem my Shibila.

P1100192I am unpredictable
And may surprise and hurt you
With my shades, twists
And the various stages.

Without them I am plain, boring.
So let it all be there.
They make me ‘me’,
Without them I am lifeless.

Though you may feel I am rude
I am so simple.
Do love me
In both grief and gaiety.

Little Wishes

This time we will go for a poem by Runaisa. She likes to express herself through thoughtful verses. Even routine class discussions and activities get reflected in her poems. Hope you enjoy this one.

Sitting in the crowded classroom
Near my silent friends,
I feel the world so big
Without anyone to talk to me.

People come and go
Without telling me a word.
I wish God created someone
For me to talk!

I gaze up the ceiling
Of the world of studies,
Hoping they would know me.
Minutes pass like hours,
And seconds, like minutes
Sadly smiling at me.

Now I feel God understands
What I said –
All I need from you is
Just a smile!


Here we go!

Hello world,

Welcome to Whimsical Souls!

The blog

This is a dream come true for a group of students based somewhere in the Middle East (clues: the header and the above image). Every year we try to accomplish something out of syllabus, something to tag the particular batch. Once it was class magazines, last year it was a documentary film, and this year we have decided to embrace the modern technology.

This is a humble attempt. Though we can’t anticipate what challenges and possibilities await us, we are sure this is one great step/leap.

For the time being the blog will be a platform for the 34 students to express their feelings, experiences and talents. We’ll let you know more about us through the posts.

The members

They are the students of the present class 10 batch of our school. And we wish to invite the students from the previous batches too. Glad that they are all talented in one way or the other – there are good writers, singers, artists, stage performers, athletes, dancers etc. That makes my work quite easy as each one of them is going to contribute in their areas of interest.

As their teacher, I will just be the administrator of the blog. In the future, when I could handle it no  more, the entire responsibility may be handed over to some of the interested and committed students.


Right now there are no set rules, but again, if situations demand, we may go for some. The entries can be anything worth publishing – the original creations by the students.

There will be a separate page to explain the eligibility to be a contributor where we may include the rules.

So, bless us, and support us through your comments, suggestions and likes!