Just a Girl

I don’t think any preface is required for this piece of poetry. Deeply moved by the Delhi incident, Runaisa has expressed her feelings thus…

She is a girl,
whom you call the weakest.
You torture, abuse and disrespect her
Still she rarely complains.
She is the one who cries to God
For leaving her in your hands.

You are none other than
The unsympathetic, cruel brutal society.
You never think that she herself
Is your daughter, sister, wife, and mother!

I call you the most cursed society that ever existed
Because we have never seen
Such savagery and malice.

Let a new generation come up
where the paths of women
are paved with rose petals
and let not a single man
lustfully stare at her.

The world has not ended
So I am going to fight back
Because I am one among them
whom you call